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What to Ask When Hiring a String Quartet

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

There are several questions you may want to ask when hiring a string quartet.

Cello and Viola players of the Rondo String Quartet.

1. Does the group use a contract?  Vendors should have a contract that both you and they sign.

2. Does the group regularly play with the same members?  Some agents put together groups of musicians for events.  If the ‘A’ list is already booked, you may not get the musicians you wanted.  Also, the ensemble of the group may not be as good as a group who plays together often.

3. Does the group have regular rehearsals together?

4. If you are hiring the group for a wedding, how much experience does the quartet have playing for weddings?  Your musicians should have a sense of when to stop and start music, what to ask to make things run smoothly, what to do if things don’t go exactly as planned, …

5. Does the group have a play list of their repertoire for you to see?

6. If you have a special request that is not in the quartet’s standard repertoire, is the group able to arrange the music?  Keep in mind, sometimes arranging pieces takes many hours of work.  Depending on the piece, the group may charge a fee for this.

7. Will the group help you with music selection, if necessary?

8. Does the quartet have a list of subs in case of illness or injury?

9. Can you hear any samples of the group’s playing?

10. Are you speaking with one of the musicians who will be playing for your event?

11. What does the group require at the site?  String quartets usually require four chairs with no arms.  They also will need shade and no rain – if outside.



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