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New Wedding Trends Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present and Embrace the Future

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Wedding of Aliisa and Spenser at Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church, Livonia, Michigan.

Congratulations to Aliisa and Spenser on their wedding at Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church in Livonia. With every new year comes new trends as couples adapt the traditions of the past to the better suit their lifestyle, interest and personalities. It's always interesting to see these changes evolve and observe which ones are fleeting versus those with a lasting presence. One recent trend we've identified that Aliisa and Spenser utilized is the single song for the wedding party and bride. This couple chose the lyrical "Con te Partiro" or "Time to Say Good-bye" made famous by Andrea Bocelli for the combined processional. As the string quartet, it's our job to make sure that the brides' entrance stands out in some way as separate from the wedding party. Whether we increase the volume, alter the articulation or tempo, the change alerts the guests that "the bride is coming!"

Spenser and Aliisa maintained the balance between old and new by incorporating the musical version of the Lord's Prayer for the Unity Candle and the celebratory Spring by Vivaldi for their recessional. Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church has rich musical history and is very welcoming of guest musicians. Gini Krez, church wedding coordinator, is always a delight to work with and helped to make the day perfect for the couple. Best wishes to to this lovely couple as they begin their lives together.

Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church, Livonia, Michigan



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