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Rondo String Quartet: We're not just for weddings anymore!

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

As members of Rondo String Quartet, we LOVE weddings. It's an honor, privilege and also a great deal of fun to be a part of our clients "best day of my life!" Almost every weekend of the year, we dress up, play beautiful music and watch two people commit their lives to each other. We've witnessed the union of the young and the old, the creation of families and renewal of vows. Despite the frequency, we never take for granted the unique privilege we have to witness and share in the joy.

As our time together as a quartet has reached three decades, we've seen many changes in the wedding industry. Fads come and go and most recently, we've observed the growing use of technology with photographers using drones overhead to get the perfect shot. The type of music couples want for their wedding day has also changed. Brides are not relegated to the traditional "Here Comes the Bride" or "Pachelbel's Canon". Instead we are increasingly asked for contemporary music which we thoroughly enjoy!

Along with changes in the wedding industry, we've witnessed a change in the reason people hire us. Each year we see a growing percentage of engagements for events outside of the wedding industry. Recently, we have performed for a Harry Potter Yule Ball held at a local restaurant, a Christmas dinner at the home of distinguished doctor, a graveside funeral, a charity fundraiser, Detroit Zoo special events, a memorial service and an Advent Church Service. Annually, we play for Beaumont Hospital's Infant Memorial Service and Michigan School of Professional Psychiatry's Graduation. When we considered the wide range of events for which we perform we realized that a string quartet's versatility is its greatest strength. We are portable, require no electricity, take only a 8' X 8' space, we are LIVE, can perform in or outside, produce a volume and resonance that fills large halls with many people, and can play a variety of music including classical, nostalgic, contemporary, jazz, Broadway and more. Maybe it's why the great historical composers wrote for the string quartet. And maybe it's why there's a resurgence of interest in using a string quartet wherever and whenever music is desired. So for your next event of ANY TYPE, consider Rondo String Quartet. We'll be there to meet your unique needs with our unique style.



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