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Success is Loving Life and Daring To Live It

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Program from graduation at Michigan School of Psychology, the Hawk. Music by Rondo String Quartet.

Each year we have the honor of playing for the Michigan School of Psychology Commencement. The Michigan School of Psychology, formerly the Michigan School of Professional Psychology and the Center for Humanistic Studies, is a private graduate school in Farmington Hills, Michigan, which specializes in clinical psychology. The graduation ceremony is held at The Hawk, Farmington Hills Community Center. Family and friends cheered as their loved ones walked across the stage, receiving their diploma. Each graduate is asked to complete the statement, "In the river of life, this stone represents........" The stones are then taken back to the school and incorporated into the gardens.

We're honored to be a part of this ceremony each year and celebrate the accomplishments of the students. As President Brian Spitsbergen stated, "When we are at our best, we are both confident and humble enough to embrace change and the power to grow."

Rondo String Quartet playing for a graduation.



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