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Sports Channel of St. Clair Shores Holds a Harry Potter Yule Ball

They came in costumes and with wings! The first ever Yule Ball was held at The Sports Channel on Jefferson Ave. in St. Clair Shores. Justin Perry, executive chef at the restaurant, is a long time Harry Potter fan. While we provided the music, a member of the Howell Nature Center came with four gorgeous owls. She shared fascinating information about owls native to Michigan. We’re happy to share that the owls, along with the guests, enjoyed our music throughout the night. The owls were particularly interested in the movement of our bows!

We had a great time mixing Christmas music with the music from the Harry Potter movie and specifically the Yule Ball. It took a bit of research but we found several songs including Hagrid the Professor, Potter Waltz, Neville’s Waltz, Do the Hippogriff, Hogwarts Hymn and Foxtrot Fleur.

If you’re considering a Harry Potter wedding or event, we’ve got you covered! We’re hoping the Yule Ball will reappear for a second magical year.



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