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Rondo String Quartet Performs at Detroit Zoo's Wild Nights and Wild Wines Event

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Wild Beasts, Wild Wine event at the Detroit Zoo, Michigan. Rondo String Quartet.

The Zoo on a summer evening is a magical place! We had the honor of playing in the main pavilion for guests and staff during the "Wild Beasts, Wild Wine" event. Our playlist has over 700 titles so we had lots of music for the two hours we were there. In keeping with the zoo theme, we played Africa by Toto and Baby Elephant Walk by Mancini along with many other upbeat contemporary selections. We premiered our new Star Trek arrangement which incorporates the original Star Trek theme along with The Next Generation and received lots of excellent feedback. We took several requests and were delighted to see both the guests and staff dancing and singing along. We look forward to returning to Detroit Zoo for another fun filled event.

Rondo String Quartet at the Wild Beasts, Wild Wine event at the Detroit Zoo.
Wild Beasts, Wild Wine event at the Detroit Zoo. Decadent Dessert station sign. Rondo String Quartet.



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