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Considering A String Quartet for Your Wedding? Here's why you should!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Your wedding day is an all encompassing collection of emotions, options and decisions. While busy selecting the venue, photographer and flowers, it's fairly common for music providers to be one of the last decisions. But it shouldn't be and here's why.

  • A string quartet creates the atmosphere for your wedding day. Want class and elegance? A string quartet can easily provide Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. And truly, playing classical music by way of a DJ just doesn't cut it. Having a barn wedding? Then those romantic country songs may be a HUGE hit among your guests. Going for the Contemporary Urban feel? A string quartet can help you create a playlist that reflects your interests and likes.

  • A string quartet can help you decide how you want to utilize the space in your venue. A quartet is made up of all acoustic instruments. We don't take up much room, require amplification or even power. And we can quickly move around the venue space. Want music for your outside wedding? No problem. Cocktails on the veranda? A 5 minute move! Music for the seated dinner? String quartets are PORTABLE!

  • A string quartet is a non traditional option for those who don't want the church organ or pianist. We have many keyboard friends and admire their skill but not everyone wants the traditional "Here Comes the Bride" these days. If you have chosen to be married in a church, you can personalize the ceremony with string quartet music that is meaningful to YOU! Carry your musical preferences over to the reception venue and you have the unifying bridge between the ceremony and reception.

  • Remember....String quartets play ALL kinds of music. A good string quartet will have a wide selection of music from the classics to country and classic rock, Ed Sheeran to Elvis, Broadway to Bollywood and Jazz to Jewish. Whatever song you're looking for, there's probably an instrumental version of it.

  • For ideas and inspiration, check out our videos and recordings at Rondo String Quartet


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