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A Taste of History at The Bloomfield Open Hunt

Cocktail Party at the Bloomfield Open Hunt. Music by Rondo String Quartet.

The Bloomfield Open Hunt recently celebrated its Centennial and began the celebration with a cocktail party kickoff. Wendy Grouix invited us to perform for the evening and we enjoyed the opportunity to play a variety of songs from all the eras as guests walked through the club, looked at photo albums that chronicled the clubs rich history while enjoying an assortment of hors d’oeuvres.

The evening was an interpretation of a 1917 cocktail party. All the culinary offerings were recipes taken from various historical menus of that time. In addition to an assortment of canapés, guests enjoyed wild rice pancakes, mushroom pinwheels, croquettes with sherry sauce and more. The informative program noted that in the Detroit area, cocktail parties were an important part of society life. With the dawn of the cocktail parties came the introduction of certain types of foods that could be easily served at such functions. These “finger foods” became the staple of the cocktail party menu.

The members of the Bloomfield Open Hunt Club enjoy a wonderful legacy handed down over generations since the Club’s founding in the early twentieth century. Elegant while still based in tradition, the club is an equestrian facility and unique family club for all seasons.



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