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Together They Have Built a Resilient and Irreplaceable Love

Congratulations to Tom and Mallory! Their love of nature was apparent at their wedding. They were married outside of the Pine Knob Mansion on top of the hill. The view is spectacular! They were honored by their Aunt Kay's reading of 'Mountain Thoughts' by John Muir. The couple also elected to celebrate their love by having a tree planting ceremony. As Leigh Ann from Roots of Change said, "Nature is central to our couple's way of life and spirituality."

The couple chose the songs 'River Flows in You,' 'This Must Be the Place,' and 'Can't Help Falling in Love' for their processional songs. 'Ripple' was the song chosen for the tree planting ceremony, and for their recessional, 'Marry You.' Alissa from Vows and Veils did an incredible job of coordinating all the details. Adrienne and Amber Photography captured each moment. After the ceremony, the couple was entertained by Mike Staff Productions.

We wish this beautiful couple all the best!


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