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The Adventures Never Stop for Jen and Shawn

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Outside wedding. Music by Rondo String Quartet

Shawn and Jen's love of adventure and laughter was a present theme in their wedding day. Jen Harris, Shawn's sister and officiant, told stories of lobster rolls and a wild boat ride with bride Jen at the helm. This was more than the joining of two lives though. This wedding ceremony created a family with Shawn, Jen and their two daughters. We were touched by Shawn's vows to "all of my three girls" and the presence of a strong faith within them all.

Jen Dial of J. Lynn Photography captured some beautiful shots of the new family on this beautiful day. We always enjoy working with friends and colleagues! "Be humble and bear one another with love," scripture quoted during the ceremony is sage advice for all families. Faith is the 3rd strand that holds the braid together and faith is certainly present in this beautiful family, the Harris's.



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