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Your Hands Will Meet, And Then Neither of You Will Ever Need To Be Alone Again

Sarah and Phil chose to have the poem "All I Know About Love" by Neil Gaiman read at their wedding this past weekend at the Meeting House Grand Ballroom in Plymouth. This is not one of the more common poems yet the final stanza made for a great title to our blog!

The guests traveled from many states Canada and England and came ready to celebrate. Sarah chose the Orchard House theme from Little Women as her processional. It clearly had special significance to her and we were pleased to be able to find and perform it for her. The bride's uncle, Karl Lider, officiated the ceremony and had the guests laughing several times while still conveying the importance of the event. Coordinators Tracy and Todd were a great help and it's always a pleasure to work with the staff.

Congratulations Sarah and Phil as you begin married life!


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