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For You Are Now Bone of My Bones And Flesh of My Flesh

The words from Genesis 2:18-24 speak of the sanctity of marriage and were shared at Marina and Jonah's wedding. Held in the historic Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian Church of Bloomfield Hills, we were struck by the beauty of the beautiful gardens, stone sanctuary

and stained glass windows. The sanctuary resounded with sound as organist, David Enos, performed a majestic entrance for Marina and powerful surge of celebration for the couples recessional. It's always a delight to work with consummate professionals and David is one of the best.

Reverend Edwin Estevez officiated and spoke of the biblical understanding of marriage. One of the more enchanting moments followed the recessional when Jenny King played the Carillon bells.

We were honored to be a part of Jonah and Marina's wedding day and wish them the very best.

Kirk in the Hills

Everlasting Moments

Florist Aleen Danjou

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