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Did The Holiday Season Result in Wedding Planning? Here's Why You Should Consider Rondo String Quartet for Your Wedding Day!

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Rondo String Quartet at Meadowbrook Hall

What makes us special? The Rondo String Quartet rehearses and performs with the same four members.  We have a wide selection of music including many styles from classical, Broadway to current pop hits. We have had years of experience, playing for countless events. The quartet is dedicated to help make your event special.

Why Hire a String Quartet Instead of a Smaller Ensemble? Unlike small groups or solos, string quartets have the largest repertoire to choose from, and produce a rich and full sound. The missing part(s) do make a HUGE difference, with the smaller ensemble sounding thinner. A smaller ensemble does not project as well and lacks the support of the lush sound people have come to expect.

Why Hire Rondo Rather Than an Agency or Entertainment Group With a Larger Pool of Players?

Agencies and entertainment groups with a larger pool of players may not provide an established group who regularly rehearse and play together, and may not send a group who is familiar with what is needed to manage an event successfully.  Rondo is able to give personal service that an agent or entertainment group may not be able to provide.  Our clients enjoy speaking directly to the performers who will be at the event.

Give us a call and experience the service our clients rave about in their reviews.

"Perfect! These ladies are amazingly talented. Provided a wonderful range of music from classic wedding music to the Beatles and The Grateful Dead. Highly professional. So easy to work with. I could not have asked for more. I would definitely recommend them!"

-Mary, review from The Bash

"I could not say enough about how amazing these ladies are. They made my ceremony more memorable by accommodating any music requests I had, and they never missed a beat. They are the ONLY quartet I would recommend to anyone looking to hire.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!"

-Janelle, review from The Knot


"We were looking for a group who played fun current music as well as classic rock. We also wanted to feel comfortable that the group was established, professional, and knew what they were doing. Rondo checked every box and so much more! Thank-you, Rondo, for your help in the process, for your kindness, for your talent, and most of all - for making our wedding day perfect!"

-Martha, review from The Knot


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