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Together We Make One Beautiful Family

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Wedding couple at Lovett Hall. Music by Rondo String Quartet.

We average about 80 engagements a year so we see a lot of weddings! The ones that touch our hearts usually involve children of the bride or groom and the creation of a family. Watching the interaction between adults and children can tell you a great deal about the relationships. So it was clear to us that Danielle, Jon and their two beautiful daughters have a lifetime of love, humor and fun ahead of them.

The ceremony was held at Lovett Hall in the Ginger-Myer Garden. Sisters of the couple, Alison Braman and Alisha Dutkiewicz stood in as officiants and did an awesome job. They set the tone that this wedding was all about family and fun!

The couple's daughters were the junior maids in the bridal party who processed to Simply the Best by Tina Turner while Danielle walked with her Dad in a tender moment to Jurassic Park. In what I believe was very typical of this couple, they put their own spin on the unity candle tradition with a "blown glass unity ceremony" while we played the song Married Life from the movie "Up."

The cocktail hour was held in the Lovett Hall Lobby and reception upstairs in the ballroom. Wedding coordinator Brandi Robinson of Events Impossible and Henry Ford Coordinator Aileen Lessnau worked together to make this event proceed beautifully.

Wedding cake by Eats and Treats. Music by Rondo String

There were many clever elements to this wedding day. The girls said a prayer before dinner which was clearly part of a family story. The cake too, while beautifully decorated by Eats and Treats, had touch of comedy with the statue of a little dog licking the icing.

Wedding cake dog by Eats and Treats. Music by Rondo String

When it came time to dance, the girls were right in the thick of it having a great time and in a pre-arranged move, brought guests onto the dance floor to get the party started. It was a fun night for everyone. Congratulations to this lovey couple and their beautiful family!



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