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Tinder Introduced Them But They Were Born To Love Each Other

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Wedding at Lazy J Ranch. Music by Rondo String Quartet.

Eternal words in the vows between Maddy and Greg, "I was born to love you." There were a few chuckles as Maddy's stepbrother Riley told the story of their beginnings on Tinder. These two animal lovers were an organized pair and booked our string quartet two years in advance! That's some awesome planning.

A highlight of the day was our opportunity to work with Maddy's Uncle Mischke Butler who sang a fantastic rendition of "How Deep Is Your Love" for Maddy's bridal processional. With the aid of DJ Tweezy, a gentleman we've worked with many times before, the song created a special moment for everyone present.

Shelly and Danny are exceptional coordinators at Lazy J Ranch. They have a beautiful facility and are relaxed, warm and friendly. The flowers on the arbor were the work of "Flowers by Alaina" and she utilized all the rich autumn colors. Sweet Bree's Bakeshop and CC Catering served their wonderful food for the reception. Congratulations Greg and Maddy!


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