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Their Love Defies the Laws of Physics for these Alma Alumni!

Wedding at the Holly Vault.  Music by Rondo String Quartet.

Alma Alumni Skylar and Aaron were married at the Holly Vault Chapel by Dr. Stephan Jones. Aaron, an appreciator of Physics, referred to their love in a scientific way when he said that the love they shared defied entropy. While this generated a few chuckles, it was a tender expression of his view that their love was eternal.

The Holly Vault Collection includes over four different event venues including reception spaces, ceremony spaces, accommodations and more. The Collection team is a family of friendly faces educated in the art of planning a seamless event. Each venue is located within Holly, Michigan—a quintessential small town with a celebrated historic Main Street, a unique blend of shops and restaurants. Perfect for a leisurely stroll or some serious shopping.

The couple chose all of their music; Make You Feel My Love, Have Faith in Me,Concerning Hobbits and Raiders of the Lost Ark for their recessional. Mike Staff Productions was on there as videographer and DJ along with Photographer Rachel Giese. Florist Patty Macha had lovely arrangements that fit the historic feel of the Chapel.

In a show of school spirit, the couple even had the Alma Alumni bus at their disposal for the wedding party! We wish these two Alma Scots the very best as husband and wife!

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