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The "Birdy" Room at the Shinola Hotel Provides An Outside Feel with Inside Elegance

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Wedding at Shinola Hotel, music by Rondo String Quartet.

If you're looking for an elegant venue in the heart of downtown Detroit then the Shinola Hotel is where you want to be. Their "Birdy"room is a glass conservatory that provides an outdoor feeling with the comfort of being inside. Florist Violet Rose elevated the conservatory feel with their stunning floral arrangements. JLB Photography had many beautiful shots to choose from on this night! Alexandra and Christopher celebrated their vows in the "Birdy" room with Nick Sneshkoff, Chris' cousin, acting as the officiant. The couple chose a unique combination of songs including Delibes Flower Duet and Concerning Hobbits for the bridal party.

Flowers by Violet Rose Florist at Shinola Hotel Wedding. Music by Rondo String Quartet.

One of the memorable moments was during the hand fasting ceremony when a potion of Alexandra's grandmothers wedding dress was used to wrap their hands. Wedding coordinator, Pam Westenberg, developed a beautiful flow for the evening with a cocktail hour in the salon followed by a dinner reception. Our Led Zeppelin covers were a big hit with the crowd as were the Beatles.

Congratulations and best wishes, Alexandra and Chris!



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