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Pittsburgh Couple's Wedding Brings Guests from 37 States and 4 Countries ...and Howard

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Lyndsey and Dave had a fun filled wedding at Jam Handy in Detroit this past weekend. Lyndsey's dear friend and acting officiant commented that the wedding was similar to a family reunion with family and friends coming from 37 states and 4 countries. We've attended weddings where an adorable ringer bearer has produced "Aw's" from the guests but for Dave and Lyndsey's wedding day is was their dog, Howard. Dressed in a doggie tuxedo and accompanied by a groomsman and bridesmaid, Howard behaved himself very well throughout the ceremony. Our only regret is that we didn't get a picture of him!

The Jam Handy building, has 27-foot ceilings and still sports lighting bars and catwalks from its days as a movie sound stage. The Jam Handy Organization was the Detroit-based production company that worked for half a century out this studio on East Grand Boulevard. The company made an estimated 7,000 motion pictures and tens of thousands of film strips, many related to the auto industry that was its bread and butter. In addition, the company is estimated to have produced over 7,000 films for the armed services during World War II.

The building is now a event venue and allows clients the opportunity to create a setting of their choosing. Lyndsey and Dave brought in Meagan McPhail of Mitten Weddings and Two Unique Catering and to orchestrate their beautiful day. Congratulations to this Pittsburgh couple and best wishes!

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