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"Love is a promise that is always kept."

Congratulations to Leeza and John! They were married at the romantic Pegasus Garden at Meadowbrook Hall in Rochester. Officiant Stephen Hulbert graced the ceremony with poignant sayings about love, each one a testament to the depth and power of this universal emotion. "To Love is to enter a new world." "Marriage offers an opportunity for growth like nothing else in life." And, " You are better together than apart." Wonderful words to help this new couple get started in their new life together.

The couple asked for songs such as 'All My Love' by Zeppelin, 'Amber' by 311, and 'Iris' by the Goo Goo Dolls as prelude music, 'Your Song', 'Shallow', 'A Thousand Years', and 'Viva la Vida' for their ceremony, and a variety of current music and classic rock during cocktails. Following cocktails, the Bluewater Kings took over and kept the festivities going. Having live music throughout the event was such a treat!

We wish this couple all the best!

Rondo String Quartet at Meadowbrook Hall Pegasus Garden.

Photographer: Kathy Davies



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