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Historic Ford Piquette Avenue Plant Continues to Flourish as Wedding Venue

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Wedding at historic Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, Detroit, Michigan. Music from the Rondo String Quartet.

The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant is recognized as one of the most significant automotive heritage sites in the world. The late Victorian style brick building was built in 1904 and modeled after New England textile mills. The Model T was developed conceived, developed and built right here in Detroit and changed not only what we drove then, but how we live today.

This renowned site for the beginning of an industry seems an appropriate place for the beginning of a marriage. Keith and Magally were married here by friend Jennifer Tran among many family and friends. We had the pleasure of playing for both the ceremony and the cocktail hour. They selected great music that their guests thoroughly enjoyed. Golden Spice Catering and Holiday Market Bakery were on hand for the reception as was Photographer Capture Couture and 3rd Street Videography.

Keith and Magally's wedding sign at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, Detroit, Michigan. Picture by Rondo String Quartet


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