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Exercise for Good Health and LOVE!

Rondo String Quartet plays for a wedding at Fox Hills Golf and Banquet Center in Plymouth, Michigan

We were simply delighted to be a part of Kathryn and Tim’s wedding day at Fox Hills Banquet Center in Plymouth. This charming couple met at a bicycle club and as with all good love stories, began with a friendship that grew over time. Both families were in attendance and clearly delighted with joining of these two special people in marriage. Our dear friend and colleague, Denise Tucker, of Perfect Day Celebrations officiated and as always, wove a beautiful story of the couple’s love that brought them to this day. We always enjoy listening to Denise and the way she captures the audience by personalizing each ceremony to the couple that stands before her. A wine box was included in the ceremony but in true cyclist manner, Gatorade took the place of wine. It was sweet moment that highlighted their shard interest and fun loving nature! Kathryn and Tim are Beatles fans and what better way to conclude a wedding ceremony then with their “All You Need Is Love.” We’ll add one final blessing “May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy.”



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