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A Tibetan Buddhist Wedding Ceremony for an Adventurous Couple

Tibetan Buddhist Wedding at Pine Knob Mansion. Music: Rondo String Quartet.

Lauren and Lon chose to get married in the courtyard at the Mansion at Pine Knob. The Mansion, a 19 room English Manor, sits on the highest natural point in Southeastern Michigan and is surrounded by exquisite manicured gardens. This was the perfect setting for this couple as Lauren climbed Mt. Everest this year! They chose to have a Tibetan Buddhist ceremony, led by Eddie Davis, the brides brother. The ceremony included the draping of scarves brought back from Tibet. Gerych's Flower in Fenton did gorgeous flower displays. Lauren processed to Come What May from Moulin Rouge in a gorgeous gown. We played cocktails on the patio for the guests before they were treated to a delicious dinner. Mike Staff Productions provided music for the reception and Papa Joe's bakery brought the beautiful wedding cake. Best wishes to this remarkable couple!

Wedding cake by Gerych's at Pine Knob Manion. Music: Rondo String Quartet.



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