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A Rockin' Party at the Lazy J in Milford

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Wedding sign at Lazy J Ranch. Music by Rondo String Quartet.

Mikayla and Denny had a family event at the Lazy J Ranch in Milford. Both the bride and groom come from large families. Combine that will the Covid restrictions and you a get a guest list of family members who know each other well and enjoy getting together! This group was Loud and Fun! We played the cocktail hour in one barn and moved to the second barn on the ranch for dinner. The guests were not shy about telling us how much they enjoyed our music. We were generously welcomed and appreciated. What a delight!

Wedding seating cards. Music by Rondo String Quartet.

We had the pleasure of coordinating with Antoine Arroyo, otherwise known as DJ Tweezy. He conducted a photo challenge which everyone enjoyed. The couple had to get to each table for a photo before the song ended. It was close but they got it done! We want to thank the parents of the bride, Ray and Janine Kenny, for choosing Rondo for their daughter's wedding day. It was an honor and a privilege. Congratulations Mikayla and Denny. Best wishes on your "beginning" as husband and wife.

Unique guest log at wedding. Music by Rondo String Quartet.



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