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A Magical Indian-Themed Wedding at The Westin Southfield

Updated: Jun 10

Indian wedding at the Westin Southfield, music by Rondo String Quartet.

As the sun set over the elegant Westin venue in Southfield, Neena and Jon embarked on their journey of love in a magical Indian-themed wedding, surrounded by their nearest and dearest. The meticulous planning by the talented coordinators Val and Riddhi from Elegant Event Planning brought to life a celebration drenched in the opulent hues of red and gold.

The air was filled with anticipation and joy as guests arrived, greeted by the intricate decor that reflected the couple's rich cultural heritage. From garlands to ornate gold accents, every detail exuded a sense of tradition and splendor.

 The melodies of Rondo String Quartet's music filled the air, weaving together the couple's shared love for movies and video games. The choice of music reflected their unique bond, as Concerning Hobbits from Lord of the Rings serenaded the bridal party, followed by a mesmerizing Legend of Zelda medley for the recessional. The harmonious blend of cinematic scores and gaming tunes added a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to the celebration, captivating guests and immersing them in the couple's world of shared interests. It was a wedding where each note played was a tribute to the love, friendship, and adventures that Val and Mark shared, a true reflection of their personalities and passions.



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