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Love Prevails over COVID: The Beauty of an Intimate Wedding

“The times they are a-changing.” Bob Dylan’s words certainly ring true for us today. The impact that COVID-19 has had on our society is visible everywhere. For those of us in the wedding industry, we’ve been forced to become more imaginative, creative and diligent in our efforts to survive this disruptive period. Every musician will tell you that what we miss the most is collaboration. The pleasure that comes from creating and performing music with colleagues and friends can’t be replicated in isolation. So it was with pleasure that we delighted in playing for Rhonda and Gary’s wedding in the garden at Meadow Brook Hall. The couple embraced the necessary distancing restrictions and created a beautifully intimate wedding day. They chose the great hits of the 1960’s including “At Last”, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”, “Stand By Me” and “Happy Together.” Officiate Mark read the touching poem “The Autumn of My Life” while a small group of friends and family looked on.

A morning wedding at Meadow Brook is enchanting. Often deer and fawns will come out of the trees to wander the rolling hills. For Gary and Rhonda, the intense heat of the prior week was relieved by storms the previous day bringing a refreshing temperature for their morning wedding. As we resume as wedding professionals, this couples wedding was the perfect way to return to our pleasurable work. Thank you Rhonda and Gary for allowing us the honor of being a part of your wedding day. We wish you all the best.



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