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Historic Grosse Pointe Academy Chapel Offers Exquisite Location for Catholic Chapel Wedding

Alissa and John

Alissa and John Tie the Knot at the Historic Grosse Pointe Academy Chapel

There’s nothing like a Catholic Chapel to convey the sacredness and tradition of the wedding ceremony. The echo of heels on old marble and the creak of aged pews as guests settle create a hushed expectation of the marvel that is about to occur; the joining of two individuals into one in the sight of God. Alissa and John demonstrated their belief in the importance of tradition, faith and reverence for the ceremony by holding it in Grosse Pointe Academy Chapel. It’s always a delight to play in this historic structure. Dating back to 1889, the architectural detail in the Chapel is exquisite with dark paneling, wood carvings and beautiful stained glass windows. Academy coordinator, Juliana, does an exceptional job and has years of experience under her belt. We enjoyed the mix of traditional and contemporary music that the couple chose as did the guests.

We wish this couple joy, love and happiness as they begin their new life together.

The Chapel at Grosse Pointe Academy

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